Plantes d’interior

Plantes d’interior

Short stories and novellas , 2011


Pages: 296

In a setting such as the Catalan literary scene, where there is no shortage of authors writing brilliant stories, Plantes d'interior has established Bagunyà as a landmark contemporary storyteller, spearheading a new generation of young talents. 

Plantes d’interior is thirteen short stories (or the same story in thirteen steps. Or a novel that does not know how to behave. Or thirteen variations about something that is not a story nor a novel) about various types of giants, celebrations that do not end, BIG WHITE BLESSINGS, ideal ways to write nothing about Katherine Mansfield, about the problems of feeling exotic, about visionary television series, about the price of putting a price on something, about the impossibility of not betraying certain things, about life in a furniture house, about Japanese lacquer, carnivorous theses, drawings on the floor, the company plants and about this thing to get home and find it too crowded, or too empty, too similar or changed too much and suddenly want to be somewhere else.

The characters in Plantes d’Interior are trapped in environments where they are in crisis: a baby grows to giant size inside a house; a family sees their lives and secrets reflected on a TV series; the members of a residents’ association alter their lives to accommodate what a travel guide has said about them. 

This book consolidates Borja Bagunyà as one of the most unique voices in the new Catalan narrative. 

"The most interesting thing about Plantes d'interior is the tension between physical space and language. There is an emphasis on the strangeness and monstrosity that goes from the first to the last story." Albert Lladó, La Vanguardia