Cómo piensan las piedras

Cómo piensan las piedras / How Stones Think

Short stories and novellas , 2017


Pages: 160

¿What weighs more? A word or a stone? In this short story collection, everyday occurrences converse with all kinds of unusual events. A photocopier’s monologue, the strange questions a little girl asks a policeman, a herd of elephants performing a ritual before death, a home threatened by the objects left by an ex. Cómo piensan las piedras speaks to us of love and family relationships, day-to-day enigmas, the unknown bursting through, memories sinking into the past like a stone into a lake. It speaks to us of stories of love and heartbreak that begin with music albums and end in empty rooms and tired arms. What weighs more, a gorilla or a husband?

Brenda Lozano studies the human zoo in stories where readers will find the characters both familiar and enigmatic, as close friends usually are.

I said I love you, and that word is a panther; I said I love you, and saw that the word flies in the morning. I said I love you, and there goes a black cat. I asked do you love me, and there’s a white dog, dirty and clumsy, tilting its head.

 “A group of stories that are always disturbing, and always subtle.” Antonio Ortuño

“Brenda Lozano is a splendid writer, brilliant, fun, subtly perverse, always moving." Francisco Goldman