El libro de Carmen Laforet. Vista por sí misma

El libro de Carmen Laforet. Vista por sí misma / The Carmen Laforet Book. Seen Through Her Own Eyes

Biography / Memoirs , 2021


Carmen Laforet, her life out of the spotlight

Edition and text by Agustín Cerezales Laforet

This moving biography of Carmen Laforet, prepared by her son Agustín Cerezales, coincides with the centenary of the birth of one of the most important and also most enigmatic writers of Spanish literature. Its pages explore Laforet’s literary world and little-known aspects of her personal life, through fragments of her work, manuscripts, press cuttings, unpublished photographs, correspondence and remembered anecdotes that provide a more intimate and realistic, warmer portrait of the author. An inescapable testimony offering an insight into all the secrets of a writer who was ahead of her time.