A via crucis do Corpo

A via crucis do Corpo / The Via Crucis of the Body

Short stories and novellas , 1974


The Via Crucis of the Body includes 14 stories: Explanation, Miss Algrave, The Body, Via Crucis, The Man Who Showed Up, He Drank Me Up, For the Time Being, Day After Day, The Sound of Footsteps, Before the Rio-Niterói Bridge, Praça Maulá, Pig Latin, Better Than to Burn and But It's Going to Rain.

The realm of Lispector’s fiction is the inner life; self-knowledge is her main concern. Like James Joyce’s Dubliners, her characters live small stifled lives, often unaware of their own suffering, but her lucid and richly textured narratives allow us, the readers, the epiphanies that they themselves are denied.