Al sur de la Alameda (publicado con el seudónimo Lola Larra)

Al sur de la Alameda (publicado con el seudónimo Lola Larra)

Other genres , 2014


Pages: 285

Andersen Award 2019 (Italy)

A graphic novel with illustrations by Vicente Reinamontes.

A small school south of the Alameda is on strike and everything appears to have changed: the classrooms, the playground and even the students themselves, who seem to have become other people when confronted with the challenges of student mobilization. Among them there is Nicolas, the best goalkeeper of the football team, who gets bored in the long assemblies and writes on his notebook his reflections on the strike as if it were his personal journal. While the school is erupting with protests, from a neighboring house, someone looks at the scene.

In May 2006, hundreds of Chilean secondary students took to the streets to march and occupied their schools in protest. They revolted against the Law of Education, inequality and the way Chile was economically profiting from education. It was called the 'Penguin Revolution'. This fictional story is freely inspired by those events.