El joven Poe 1: El misterio de la calle Morgue

El joven Poe 1: El misterio de la calle Morgue / The Young Poe Series: The Morgue Street Mistery

Books for children and young readers , 2017


Pages: 160

The Young Poe Series

Edgar Allan Poe is 11 years old. He lives with his adoptive parents, and with some crows that are his pets, in the Morgue Street, in Boston. The young Poe wants to be a writer when he grows up, but for the time being, he is ok with earning an extra money selling a fright and torture catalogue that he describes. Moreover, in his free time, he helps the Police officer Auguste Dupin to resolve his most difficult and mysterious cases, and he is very talented at resolving them!

The Morgue Street Mistery  

In the Morgue Street, two blocks away from where Edgar Allan Poe lives, two women have been terribly murdered. When one of his neighbours is blamed unfairly, Poe goes to the police and proves his innocence. The inspector Auguste Dupin gets impressed by this eleven year old kid’s audacity and asks him to help him resolve the case in exchange for a reward.