Una comedia ligera
Rights sold:
  • Dutch Vassallucci
  • English Uk: The Harvill Press
  • French Seuil
  • German Suhrkamp
  • Greek Kastaniotis
  • Norwegian Gyldendal Norsk
  • Polish Znak
  • Portuguese Portugal: Noticias, Planeta de Agostini
  • Romanian Humanitas
  • Serbian AED-Studio

Una comedia ligera / A Light Comedy

Novel , 1996

Seix Barral

Pages: 448

In the late 1940s the Civil War is over, and Franco is still very much in charge. Prullas, a once-popular playwright, pursues a crowded life in the stifling city. His producer wants him to persuade their rich patron Vallsigorri that they cannot use the third-rate actress Lili whom the backer has foisted on him. In the course of playing honest broker, however, Prullas starts an affair with Lili. Fate intervenes—Vallsigorri is murdered and Prullas is prime suspect, but as this is a light comedy, the ending is, to some extent, a happy one.