El misterio del lago Ness

El misterio del lago Ness / The Loch Ness Mystery

Books for children and young readers , 2013


Jorge travels from Spain to Scotland to improve his English. While there, he lives with a family on a farm in a village close to Loch Ness. Life seems to be passing peacefully but suddenly he finds himself enveloped in disturbing mysteries that threaten the safety of his friends and the girl he has fallen in love with, Annabella. And this is not only due to the monster that lives in the loch, but also through the behaviour of some of the villagers. What is the strange bracelet all the members of the family wear? What is the meaning of the esoteric rites carried out in the early hours by certain of his neighbours? What is it that moves around in the waters of the loch? And, most importantly, why is Annabella so evasive? A daring adventure, an age-old legend, a secret that cannot be spoken.