Sanada y la conquista del imperio

Sanada y la conquista del imperio / Sanada I: The Conquest of the Empire

Books for children and young readers , 2013


On his way home after the war, a brave samurai encounters a sole survivor among the ruins of a Jesuit Colony wiped out by bandits. It's a baby with western features, who he decides to adopt as his son and call Sanada. While still a child, Sanada is sent to a great master to be trained in the way of the samurai. His training forces him to face all kinds of tests and adventures, which require the young apprentice to control his impulsiveness and impatience. Sanada must become a true samurai in order to undertake the terrible mission that fate has in store for him: to save the lives of his adoptive father and the emperor, imprisoned by a bloodthirsty warrior who threatens the entire Empire.