Sanada y la corona de Alejandro

Sanada y la corona de Alejandro / Sanada. Alexander's Crown

Books for children and young readers , 2015


A great samurai finds a foreign baby among the remains of a massacre. He adopts him as a son, names him Sanada, and trains him in the path of perfection and the sword.

Thus begins this thrilling adventure saga starring a young samurai, of which Sanada. La corona de Alejandro is the fourth book. In search of his origins, Sanada ventures into Mongolian lands and loses his sister, Oyuki, in a sandstorm. Oyuki has fallen into the clutches of an evil chieftain who will only return her to Sanada alive if he can bring back Sikandar’s crown, an object endowed with magical powers and hidden in the mountains. To find it, Sanada must undertake a journey fraught with all manner of deadly perils.