Sanada y los tesoros imperiales

Sanada y los tesoros imperiales / Sanada and the Imperial Treasures

Books for children and young readers , 2014


An extraordinary adventure saga for young readers, set in 16th century

A great samurai found a foreign baby among the remains of a massacre committed by bandits. He adopted him as a son, named him Sanada, and trained him in the path to perfection and the way of the sword.

The first book in this fast-paced adventure saga ended when Sanada, after risking his life to safeguard the fate of the Emperor, leaves in search of his origins. Sanada now continues his travels accompanied by his brother, Oyuki, and the precocious Fuma, in search of the mission headed by Father Álvaro de Mendoza, who can reveal his parents' identity. What Sanada cannot imagine is that the enemies he defeated in the past are bent on revenge, and a journey full of dangers and trials awaits him: an underworld where he is tormented by the souls of the dead, murderous female warriors adept at camouflage, terrifying, three-headed hybrid animals, and a fearsome Black Warlock, to whose spell our hero succumbs. Only with his sister's help will Sanada manage to return to the path of the perfect samurai.