Doce cuentos peregrinos

Doce cuentos peregrinos / Strange Pilgrims

Short stories and novellas , 1992

Literatura Random House

Strange Pilgrims is a collection of unforgettable stories about distinctive South American individuals in Europe .

'The first thing Señora Prudencia Linero noticed when she reached the port of Naples was that it had the same smell as the port of Riohacha'

The twelve stories here tell of Latin Americans adrift in Europe: a bereaved father in Rome for an audience with the Pope carries a box shaped like a cello case; an aging streetwalker waits for death in Barcelona with a dog trained to weep at her grave; a panic-stricken husband takes his wife to a Parisian hospital to treat a cut and never sees her again. Combining terror and nostalgia, surreal comedy and the poetry of the commonplace, Strange Pilgrims is a triumph of storytelling.

Doce cuentos peregrinos

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