El club de los abandonados

El club de los abandonados

Novel , 2012


Pages: 608

A story that delves into the depths of the human soul.

What is life all about? Camilo and Roberto, each on their own, conclude that it consists of encountering people who will make them curse it, end it in the most psychopathic ways, and waste their time trying to survive with the few tools they have left: white powder, ten prostitutes, and a bartender, their companions for Monday night chats. For them, under the influence of certain substances, life is easier, more bearable, more forgettable, faster, and with more opportunities to die sooner and finally put an end to the drama.

"Written with great mastery. [...] one of the most significant novels written in the last 25 years, at least." Antonio Navalón, El Universal

“Gisela Leal aims to portray a life of extravagance where everything can fall to pieces; she wants her characters to find a critical approach to life, rejecting fashion and mass consumption.” GQ Mexico

"An immersive plot about two young people who must become adults and miserable to survive in a complex reality, plus Gisela Leal's exemplary, insistent, and incisive prose, indicated that behind this literary debut was a young writer, yes, but with her own universe that wouldn't take long to find its place." Diego Gándara, Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos