Mi amigo invisible

Mi amigo invisible / My Invisible Friend

Novel , 2018


Pages: 432

With the mix of the everyday with the surreal that made him one of Spain’s top contemporary humourists, Guillermo Fesser has made this novel a version 2.0 of La tesis de Nancy, the B-side of his bestseller, One Hundred Miles from Manhattan. His protagonist, Ingelmo, is an author in crisis, unable to face the challenge of writing his second novel after the moderate success of the first. His creative crisis is further complicated by a tsunami of developments in his life and marriage, which the narrator recounts in the first person. As if this weren’t complicated enough, our hero also spends his days enduring lectures from Agenjo, his invisible friend. Just when Ingelmo thinks he can’t take any more doses of neuroses squared and surrealism cubed, Agenjo makes him a proposal he can’t refuse.

"A marvellous journey through a boundless imagination. Guillermo Fesser plays with everyday reality, with things that worry us all, to create two characters who invite us to reflect, and will leave the reader smiling for a long time." Julia Navarro

"A hilarious, unforgettable character. And behind the laughs, the bite of wit and reflection." Rosa Montero

"This novel is a fun, fluid read that keeps you company from start to finish, like a friend whispering stories in your ear." Alonso Cueto

"A combination in exact doses of intelligence and absurdity. Very well-written and extremely funny. Often reminiscent of Eduardo Mendoza. The characters are a find for a great series of adventures." Javier Pons, Director of Globomedia