La última vez

La última vez / The Last Time

Novel , 2022


Pages: 220

An absorbing literary thriller cloaked in an atmosphere brimming with sensuality.

Merton, a renowned literary critic from Buenos Aires, receives a commission from a prestigious literary agent to travel to Barcelona to read a valuable unpublished manuscript. It is the last novel by an acclaimed author, A, who is seriously ill. His dying wish is that Merton should discover a mystery encoded in his work, a literary key of capital importance for his legacy if it is to be properly understood for posterity.

However, Merton will be tempted by other more mundane distractions during his stay as a guest at A's luxurious uptown mansion. He soon finds himself ensnared in a triangle of seduction with the old writer's wife and daughter, who seem to be competing for his attentions. Little by little, the relationship between the three becomes a strange game of jealousy, attraction and desire.