Once tesis (y antítesis) sobre la escritura de ficción

Once tesis (y antítesis) sobre la escritura de ficción / Eleven Theses (and Antitheses) on Writing Fiction

Non-fiction , 2024


Pages: 232

How to address the concrete problems of writing fiction?

Drawing from his classes at the City College of New York, at Filba, and in the Master of Creative Writing at UNTREF, Guillermo Martínez developed eleven theses for writing fiction, accompanied by discussions of possible antitheses. The tone retains the liveliness and humour of the oral class format, but in this volume, the arguments are deepened and completed. Even so, it is not purely a theoretical book; it is rich in examples and aims to shed light on a variety of concrete writing problems: the beginning, information, character development, language registers, and the ending.

Guillermo Martínez, as a writer who has always reflected on literature, sets up the argumentative board as an invitation to the reader and future writer, not only to contemplate the fascinating dialectical play of different viewpoints but also to generate new dichotomies themselves that enrich the ways of reading and writing.