Guillermo Saccomanno

Guillermo Saccomanno

Cuando temblamos

Cuando temblamos / When We Tremble

Short stories and novellas , 2016


Pages: 222

Guillermo Saccomanno’s new book, Cuando temblamos, is a journey to the fear and anguish that live inside human beings, that today’s world does nothing but feed. Saccomanno brings together six stories where the characters are in permanent flight, running from danger, their past, or their own ghosts. A grandmother with a revolver in her purse flees to Patagonia with her grandson. A mother and daughter hit rock bottom during a night-time journey. A fugitive gets lost in a snowy forest and stumbles upon a tribe of albinos more dangerous than wolves. A father and son are trapped by helplessness after the wife runs away. An ex-convict faces her ghosts and misfortunes in a lonely hotel. Inmates in a prison at the end of the world undertake a ruthless revenge that ultimately redeems them. Wind, snow and rain accompany these stories in an inhospitable south. By the time you finish reading, fear will have quickened your pulse in a most disturbing way.