Guillermo Saccomanno

Guillermo Saccomanno


Mirlo / Blackbird

Novel , 2024

Seix Barral

Pages: 144

A tale of friendship with a lyrical and exquisitely beautiful tone.

There comes a moment in life when a man looks back, reminisces, and reflects in a sort of recapitulation. His tone is not melancholic, but rather one of intimate appreciation for what has been lived. He seeks to recognize what has been happy and crucial. In the recounting of experiences and years, his friends have been a constant presence. This book is dedicated to them.

Guillermo Saccomanno tells the shared story with beloved friends who have passed away, yet the conversation continues. With the living, the exchange varies and projects towards the years to come. All are inhabitants of the coast who have traversed their own paths with countless revelations. In some cases, their perspectives on the world reveal markedly different, yet complementary, journeys. Each earns a place in the reader’s heart.

The relationship between these men, the masculine friendship so precisely described in this poignant book, takes on different forms over time; tension, the frictions of rivalry, and lessons coexist with loyalties, which hide deep and affectionate feelings that are given naturally. Mirlo is a precise portrait of dear friends, a drama that finds a lyrical tone of immense beauty.