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  • Arabic Sefsafa 
  • French Jacqueline Chambon
  • Hungarian Holnap Kiado
  • Spanish Destino

L'aniversari / The Anniversary

Novel , 2016


Pages: 304

“A couple in crisis; two children playing in the forest. Two intimately related stories in which everyday terror is mixed with a perverse, delicious sense of humour for the reader’s fright and delight. Being able to edit an author of Imma Monsó’s calibre and literary quality is one of those luxuries of this wonderful profession of ours.Anna Soldevila, Editor at Destino

L’Aniversari cleverly features two converging stories: A couple is travelling in a car on their way to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They care about each other, but they are in crisis: the man, around fifty years old, methodical and prosaic, has prepared a surprise for her wife, an imaginative, slightly eccentrical woman, bored to be married with a predictable man. They end up in a forest clearing of sentimental significance to them. The surprise turns out to be spooky…  This storyline is disturbing and even sinister…. until the last word. In parallel. in alternate chapters, we follow Guillem and Mateu, two 10-year-old children, who are performing a big adventure in the woods, based on a novel they both know by heart: Moby Dick. A scary line too: one of them disappears. 

L’Aniversari is a clockwork, a fascinating page-turner written with skillful literary wisdom, and a tribute to the power of reading and imagination.

"Even the most conventional argument takes unpredictable turns in the hands of Monsó: the reader looks at a universe of people who think and reason, who debate and argue, and who knit the great tapestry that are always this author’s novels." La Vanguardia

“Un livre construit impeccablement, sur le pouvoir de l’imagination et son rôle d’électrochoc sur le réel.” F.F. Libération

“Imma Monsó signe un roman plein de surprises. Dans ce quatrième roman traduit en français, à la frontière du conte fantastique, la talentueuse Catalane Imma Monsó tisse ses fils et fait monter la pression.” Livres hebdo