L'escola estrambota

L'escola estrambota / Estrambota School

Books for children and young readers , 2020

La Galera

Pages: 132

Maria Camescames and Brutus Castanyer get bored at school and they are tired of having the same routines. One day they find out a very special school that is the opposite of a normal school, and they manage to convince their parents to attend this school. In Estrambota* School there is no homework, there are no rules, the students are neither careful nor clean and in the lunch menu only desserts are served. But one day there is a theft: a stranger steals the Estrambobook, a fantastic book that can grant wishes to those who know how to use it. The students will have to help the extravagant Miss Estrambota and distracted Mr Blink to get it back. The end of this adventure will give them a surprise and teach them. 

*Estrambota comes from the adjective estrambòtica that means extravagant or eccentric.