El rostro del tiempo

El rostro del tiempo / The Face of Time

Novel , 2017

Navona Ediciones

Pages: 202

A story of love and atonement on the Costa Brava. 

While walking through the woods, Carlos falls fatefully off a cliff. Badly wounded, he heads for the first house he finds. Carla, the owner, calmly takes him in and dresses his wounds. When he awakes, many hours have passed. Successful, world-travelling architect Carlos is amazed by Carla as he gets to know her. She’s a painter who owns no phone, television or watch. The conversation between them flows naturally, and after two days they realise they’ve fallen in love. Disconcerted, Carlos decides to return to the hotel where he’s staying, taking with him a book titled The Face of Time. To his surprise, it accurately reproduces what’s just happened between him and Carla. Later, when they’re already living together, Carlos chances upon a door leading to a secret attic. There he finds objects belonging to Carla’s great-grandfather that will reveal details of her family saga and leave their lives forever entwined.