El beso del ángel

El beso del ángel / The Angel's Kiss

Novel , 2011

Ed. Siruela

Roberto Bolaño regarded Irene Gracia as “a revelation”, and she has proven this again with El beso del ángel. The novel explores the complex existence of four characters of angelic origin at key moments in history: a priestess from the Oracle of Delphi; a Greek goddess who is a contemporary of Jesus Christ; a disciple of Leonardo da Vinci; and a dancer at the Palais Royal. All four are born with bumps on their backs, having lost their wings to live among humans, and all four discover love in Adanel, a beautiful, immortal and cursed angel.

“Beyond the grandiose scenarios and unreal creatures, the narrative proves and explores that which is immutable about the human condition: longings, desires, fears, appetites, dreams, defeats and death. And it poses disturbing questions: Does God deserve his power?.” Ana Rodríguez, El País

“Possessed of the grace of an uncommon, original and courageous nature, El beso del ángel explores the conflicts that winged beings have maintained with mankind since times immemorial, when the magical and mystical coexisted with the more human carnality and sensual passion.” Yolanda Izar, El Norte de Castilla

“Surprises us with its epic and lyrical characters.” Joaquín Arnaiz, La Razón