Cubantropía / Cubantropy

Non-fiction , 2020


Pages: 376

Cubantropía does not set out to explain Cuba to the world, but rather the other way around: it uses Cuba as a scale containing the world and its conflicts.

Written from the socialist perspective of the Cold War and the neoliberal perspective of subsequent years, Cubantropía is a harsh criticism of both that explores the connections between Cuban culture and geopolitics in the global era. Zigzagging its way from the Berlin Wall to Havana’s Malecón, this book examines recent clashes between the market and democracy, the digital era and post-colonialism, the centre and the periphery, utopia and tourism, the diaspora and the nation, racism and Big Data, Guantánamo and Reggaeton, soccer and baseball, Obama and the Rolling Stones, Europe and Donald Trump.

With his usual ironic, erudite style, Iván de la Nuez has written a sensational essay that can be read as an intellectual autobiography and map of the itineraries of the New Man born from the Revolution.