Posmo / Posmo

Non-fiction , 2023


Pages: 160

Memories from beyond the grave of a very much alive intellectual.

In 2015 Iván de la Nuez was astonished to discover that a Havana funeral parlour had issued his death certificate because of a bureaucratic error. In this new role of being officially certified as dead, Iván de la Nuez reviews his main intellectual concerns: current political affairs, Cuba, the confrontation between communism and capitalism, and the artistic avant-garde.

Likewise, with the irreverent spirit that comes with existing in the hereafter, he tackles many other issues imposed by the present, such as the vengeful act of urinating on other people's graves, the ever-increasing mumbo jumbo that surrounds the term "postmodernity", and the selfie as a cultural act.

In Posmo the reader will not only find Fidel Castro, Donald Trump and Andy Warhol but also a colourful mix of key figures, including Dakota Johnson, Rambo and the North Korean dictators, Pokémon, Julio Iglesias, Eric Cantona and Carles Puyol, Adam Curtis and Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas, plus a long list of other artists, creators, writers, intellectuals and politicians, all of them providing an extraordinary overview of today's world.

“When Iván de la Nuez was told that he was dead in Havana, he realised that it was time to resurrect himself and start writing one of his best collections of analyses of current reality – the reality of the living. Masterly in all respects; from the geopolitical to the artistic.” Agustín Fernández Mallo

"This is a spectral journey that goes from personal experiences to the cultural effects of a pandemic or the war in Ukraine, ending with that statute that De la Nuez calls the New Normal Order (...) Posmo is a revenge written with the freedom that only those who are already in the other world can achieve in this world." Zenda Libros