Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel

Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel

El sueño de otro

El sueño de otro

Novel , 2013

Plaza & Janés

Pages: 304

Xavier Arteaga is a public high school teacher who dreams every night that he is André Bodoc, an Editor of the nightly news. André Bodoc is the Editor of the nightly news who dreams every night that he is Xavier Arteaga, a public high school teacher. But who is dreaming about who? Who is real and who is dreaming? Xavier is an ordinary man, divorced, with one child, who has seen the little he had in life wrenched from him. He wants to recover what he once had or, perhaps, even build a better future. But the nervous breakdown caused by dreaming about someone else’s life ends up by pushing him into a series of searches. He chases answers, chases people and, in the end, he chases André Bodoc. André is a successful, articulate man, a media expert highly skilled in manipulating and interpreting facts. When he also starts losing self-control, he becomes obsessed by what is real and what is illusory. 

"Muñoz Rengel grips readers once again with an original novel that will leave no one indifferent." El Mundo

"The question is obvious: who is the truth and who is the dream? Muñoz Rengel's solution is fascinating." Tiempo 

"With a steady narrative and stylistic effectiveness, novel becomes disturbing and distressing qualities enhanced by its growing suspense." El Cultural 

"One of those stories that catches us from its first page." La Verdad

"One of the most captivating reads of early 2013. The Other’s Dream is a mature and essential work of modern Spanish literature." El Periódico

"The Other’s Dream is a splendid novel that immerses the reader in a storm of disturbing events that make us think about our place in this world." Diario Vasco

"The discussion on the fantastic in Spanish literature lacked the appearance of a novel like The Other’s Dream. A masterful novel that addresses the deterioration of the present with a ferocious and unique scope." Diario de Sevilla

"A compelling novel that collects the best literary fantastic tradition." Culturamas 

"A profound, critical and astonishing novel that grasps you from the first page." El Popular