Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel

Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel

Una historia de la mentira

Una historia de la mentira / A Brief Story of Lies

Non-fiction , 2020


Pages: 232

The only essay in which the abundance of deceptions and falsifications on its pages is a guarantee of its achievements and virtues.

When Epimenides stated that all Cretans were liars, he created a serious quandary for the philosophers of his time, and those of later centuries. Since Epimenides was Cretan, was he telling the truth or lying? This mendacious Cretan was not the first to theorise about lying. Nature is a master of disguises and deceptions, which are very necessary for survival. And from the times of Plato to Philip K. Dick, many have reflected on lying and our difficulties with finding some kind of certainty, if not truth, that is unmovable.

Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel has written an animated, light-hearted history of lying, with magnificent examples and references to illustrate its many guises (imposture, deception, falsification and fiction), and its areas of action: God, Facebook, wars, art, seduction, cinema, power and fake news, among many others.

The new book by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel takes a journey through time in search of the origin of lies and their relationship with human nature.” El País  

“A necessary, really timely book.” Toni Montesinos, La Razón

“I lie, therefore I am. An uncomfortable idea, but one that permits a dissection of the great stories that we have made up to survive in this world.” ABC 

“It shows us that there are lies everywhere where there is life.” La Vanguardia 

“For Muñoz Rengel everything is a lie, but not all lies are the same.” Público 

“On reading Una historia de la mentira it becomes clear that fake news and hoaxes are not a modern invention.” Página Dos, La 2, RTVE 

“There is no order of reality where lies do not prevail and Muñoz Rengel reviews them with a very sharp eye and critical spirit.” Juan Francisco Ferré 

“A brilliant essay by a great novelist whose writing succeeds in hooking the reader.” El Ojo Crítico, Radio Nacional 

“Rather than a historiographical text, it is an essay on the social and human nature of lies, a philosophical journey.” Anna Maria Iglesia, The Objective 

“My choice for book of the year.” Pablo Bujalance, Grupo Joly 

“This work is a challenge for those who read it. An essay that brilliantly dismantles and unmasks long assumed truths.” Emma Rodríguez, Lecturas Sumergidas 

“Stimulating, thrilling and very eloquent.” Carlos Javier González Serrano, Radio Círculo Bellas Artes