Fra Junoy o l'agonia dels sons
Rights sold:
  • Hungarian Európa Könyvkiadó
  • Polish Wydawnictwo Marginesy
  • Spanish Destino

Fra Junoy o l'agonia dels sons / Fray Junoy or the Agony of Sounds

Novel , 1984


Fra Junoy, an organist relegated to confessor of a monastery of nuns, is accused of heresy, vice and corruption. He has manifested his opposition of the severe punishment that the Mother Superior has imposed on two novices, suffocated by solitude and the rigidity of the convent rules. The ecclesiastical hierarchy does not forgive nor tolerate the comprehensive attitude of the confessor and even less his freedom of judgement.

Music is one of the greatest spiritual riches of Fra Junoy, his intimate, personal and creative island, but it will also become one of his most serious crimes. The very hard rigor of intolerance falls on those who honestly bear their heart.