Formas de ocultarse

Formas de ocultarse / Ways to Hide

Non-fiction , 2016

Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales

Pages: 420

This book is comprised of columns, lectures, prologues, epilogues, essays. They are not in chronological order. Their arrangement is intended to show ways of being in the world – public and private – at different times in the author’s life: with more or less optimism, more or less bitterness, more or less innocence.


And always, at the beginning, in the middle and at the end, Cercas is a monstrous smuggler of enthusiasm, an analogue-multimedia system that shoots out names, titles and author quotes with the passion of an amateur reader and the hypertrophic intelligence of an obsessed intellectual, awakening in the reader an unhealthy eagerness to devour it all with the same gluttony with which they’ve devoured it before.” Leila Guerriero