La verdad de Agamenón

La verdad de Agamenón / Agamemnon's Truth

Other genres , 2006

Ed. Random House Mondadori

Javier Cercas’ writing can be recognised by the inextricable mix of genres that coexist in his works, and the ease with which he moves from fiction to non-fiction. His novels almost always include an essay-like component, and often contain elements of chronicles, false autobiographies and literary and historical discussion. This hybrid nature can be seen in La verdad de Agamenón. The pieces of this miscellanea are grouped into four parts: Autobiographies contains stories about journeys, certain passions and personal memories. Letters of Battle features texts that are almost always vindictive and controversial, regarding our recent history and literature. New True Stories contains hilarious stories that do not escape the emotion or commitment of the author’s own memory. Finally, The Contemporaries includes exercises of admiration and dialogue with certain writers close to the author’s literary activities. In all of these, we can see that duality of criticism and narration, of personal and intellectual experience and erudition that is the essence of Cercas’ novels.