Javier García Sánchez

Javier García Sánchez

La casa de mi padre

La casa de mi padre / My Father's House

Novel , 2014


Pages: 640

After studying in the capital for several years, Serafín Burón returns to his village, Hiseda, transformed into a grey, faint-hearted guy. He soon discovers that neither his studies nor his city girlfriend fit into his new life. The reality there is very different, timeless and thick, but if you look closely it becomes extraordinarily vivid: the priest, the mayor, the crazy lady, the idiot, the opinion groups, and all the other inhabitants become the subject of Serafín's analysis in a detailed, ironic and passionate account, overflowing with anecdotes and unbelievable experiences. When Serafín finally seems comfortable in this setting, a highway construction project planned by the government threatens his family home and endangers the peace of the village. Only a strong, brave, and decisive man can stand up to the Government. In other words, Serafín must embody the very antithesis of himself in order to safeguard his family history and become the hero of Hiseda.