Lo que pasó

Lo que pasó / What Happened

Books for children and young readers , 2024


Pages: 416

A moving novel: the story of a homophobic assault.

In What Happened Javier Ruescas fearlessly explores the insidious effects of homophobia within law enforcement, shining a light on the plight of victims and the far-reaching consequences of discrimination. Drawing from personal experience, Ruescas delivers an emotionally charged tale that resonates on multiple levels.

Based on an event he experienced with his partner, Javier Ruescas weaves an addictive story that gives voice to all those involved. What Happened is more than a reflection of the feeling of powerlessness, anger, and vulnerability in the face of an aggression that had unexpected consequences. It is also a cry for justice and, above all, a story of love and overcoming.

"A brave story that everyone should read. Javier Ruescas writes truths with a pen that captivates us." Elisabet Benavent

"With an enviable narrative pulse and great skill, Javier Ruescas turns a real assault, a slap in the face, into a ripple effect. One must be very brave to confront systemic violence and a very good writer to turn it into the best literature." Alana S. Portero