Cuentos de Bereth II (La maldición de las musas)

Cuentos de Bereth II (La maldición de las musas)

Books for children and young readers , 2021


Pages: 736

The tenth anniversary of its publication sees the return of the most famous trilogy by Javier Ruescas, Cuentos de Bereth, re-edited by the author with some unexpected twists. 

Cuentos de Bereth is a tribute to traditional fairy tales, an epic adventure that has captivated thousands of readers since its original publication.

Duna is a rebellious girl who lives in Bereth, a kingdom ruled by the brave Prince Adhárel. While he tries to avoid war by all the means at his disposal, they cross paths and together they try to safeguard what remains of his world. A world in which poetry is a weapon and the dragons have feelings. A place where power struggles and the magic of stories come together in a love story more powerful than fate itself.