Crónicas de fortuna I: El secreto del trapecista

Crónicas de fortuna I: El secreto del trapecista / The Fortune Chronicles I: The Trapezist’s Secret

Books for children and young readers , 2015


In the city of Cadalso, in the Kingdom of Fortune, three youngsters live trapped in a sinister orphanage. Two of them are circus people, who are marginalised and frowned upon in Fortune. Kyle is amazed to find that he’s an Acrobat, while Lavelle knows from the mark under her eye that she’s a Clown, even though she can’t make people laugh. The third, Gunnir, is a human who wishes to become a Wizard. One night, they are sold to a circus as slaves to the evil Farelli. The three friends must push their talents to the limit when they find that more than their freedom is at stake: the very future of the Kingdom of Fortune is depending on them.

Javier Ruescas returns to the fantasy genre with the Fortune Chronicles trilogy, a universe based on a fictitious Victorian era full of magic, colours, shadows and fascinating creatures.