El sinsentido del amor

El sinsentido del amor / The (Non) Sense of Love

Books for children and young readers , 2015

Penguin Random House

Lana,  a  17 -year-old  girl  from  an  upper-class family, longs to enroll in art school unbeknownst to  her  parents,  who  want  a  different  kind  of future for their daughter. One night, during a luxurious party, Lana meets a charming  and attractive  young  man  named Jac. She is instantly attracted to him. However, once she  learns  of  his  reputation  as  a heartbreaker  (little wonder, considering  that his real name is Giovanni Giacomo Casanova), she distrusts her initial attraction. The  next  day, Lanaʼs misgivings are confirmed when she discovers that Jac has won the heart of her best friend, who is now mad in love. To make matters worse, Lanaʼs father hires him as a lifeguard for the club on their property. Convinced that Jac is a fraud, Lana will do everything in her power to unmask him. She will indeed reveal that Jac is not who he pretends to be, but will also discover something unexpected: that he and Lana have much more in common than she could ever have imagined.