Latidos (con Francesc Miralles)

Latidos (con Francesc Miralles) / Heartbeats (with Francesc Miralles)

Books for children and young readers , 2016

SM Ediciones

What if the right person were the wrong distance away? This novel is written 100% in the form of short messages...with some other surprises thrown in!

Remo just crossed paths with Carol at the airport. The good thing? They connected. The bad? Remo is on his way to Los Angeles for a one-year sabbatical, and Carol is travelling to Japan to live with her father. What can happen between two strangers on opposite sides of the world? What can they know about each other from the photos they post on HeartPic, or the entries they write on BlogBits? And why do their hearts seem to stop beating every time they get a message on HeartBits?