Trilogía Play I: Play

Trilogía Play I: Play

Books for children and young readers , 2012

Random House Mondadori

No one would guess that Leo and Aaron are brothers. Leo, 20, is arrogant and ambitious. Aaron, 18, is shy and reserved. The two are united by a deep frustration. Leo is driven by an irrepressible eagerness for fame and fortune, but has failed in his attempts to succeed in theatre. Aaron watches as a classmate,  with whom he is secretly in love, becomes a movie star after an open audition. Now that sheʼs famous, sheʼs definitely out of his league.

One day, Leo happens to hear some songs that Aaron has secretly composed and recorded in his room. The songs are so good that Leo hatches a plan that could satisfy the longings of both brothers: if Leo popularises Aaronʼs songs, he can achieve money and fame for the two of them, and his brother can meet his secret love as equals.

"With the rhythm of US TV series the author creates a fresh and original plot about the ploys of success.” Francesc Miralles (author of Retrum)

"Play is a fun novel with magnetic characters that will remainin our memories and with certain dialogues that we will want to remember. Do I recommend it? Undoubtedly!"

"With Play, Javier Ruescas has become one of the most important figures of the national YA literature scene thanks to a novel with claw that won't leave anyone indifferent."