Pulsaciones (con Francesc Miralles)

Pulsaciones (con Francesc Miralles) / Heartbits

Books for children and young readers , 2013

SM Ediciones

Premio Hache de Literatura Juvenil 2015

After having spent several days in a coma, Elia wakes up in the hospital unable to remember anything that happened during the three days before the accident that left her in that state. Her first contact with the reality is limited to text messages exchanged with the mobile phone with friends and family through HeartBits. Eliaʼs life (her secrets, her fears, her feelings, her relationship with her parents and friends) appears naked in the dialogues through HeartBits. Elia has not only to find out what happened during those three days, but also the identity of the unknown admirer who writes her hiding behind a pseudonym.

"A reading that captures your attention thanks to the dynamism of its peculiar format, and enters the territories of suspense and first loves, and also talks about how to take advantage of the second chances life gives us.” Cecilia Frías, El Cultural