Over to You (John Berger & Yves Berger)

Over to You (John Berger & Yves Berger)

Non-fiction , 2019

L’Atelier Contemporain

Pages: 104

'Over to you' collects the correspondence exchanged in 2015 and 2016 between John Berger, who was no less a painter and art critic than a writer, and his son Yves Berger, himself an artist, about painting.

It all begins with a letter, a little heavier than usual. The father, a writer, has sent his son, a painter, some reproductions of paintings, along with a few lines – a wave of the hand from far away, a loving thought. The son answers. First with an image, then with a question, an intuition. And now a dialog begins. The letters become longer and longer, deeper and deeper, more and more intimate. As they recall individual emotions and common memories, father and son, as equals, address an experience which they both share: painting and how to look at it, how to make it.