Permiso para quejarse. Lo que el dolor cuenta de ti

Permiso para quejarse. Lo que el dolor cuenta de ti / Permission to complain. What pain tells about you

Non-fiction , 2017


“Emotions are what rules us, the most important element of our brain"

Dr Jordi Montero wanted to put everything he’d learned about pain in his long career as a neurologist down in black and white. The result is a fascinating book. With his down-to-earth, sometimes even irreverent style, Montero gives us permission to complain to our heart’s content. In exchange, he offers us something many doctors seem to have forgotten. He looks into our eyes as he listens to us, and once he understands what’s happening, he warmly explains the causes of our illness and all of its implications.

Sometimes it’s necessary to delve into the depths of that mysterious organ that is our brain, or to ask ourselves about the role of our culture when listening to our bodies. Sometimes it’s enough to pay attention to our feelings, which are closely related to our perception. Either way, this book is an honest testimony that does nothing to hide just how dramatic pain is for thousands of people around the world, while also remaining rigorous and optimistic. Thus, it helps us to understand the boundaries of pain, which certainly have nothing to do with divine will, and submerges us in neurology, a science that is revolutionising the way we view human beings and their reality.

“A book that distils love for others, with an attention to our feelings that I completely share. Highly recommended.” –Dr Eduard Estivill

“Shows how the physician’s attitude must encompass people in their vast totality: physical, mental and social. A good, educational and courageous book that many people will appreciate.” Dr Nolasc Acarín

“Jordi Montero trusts in a basic principle: knowing how to observe and listen to the patient in order to understand and cure their illness. He reminds us that the mind is a priority organ, something we often forget.” –Dr Santiago Dexeus

“A magnificent, must-read book.” –Dr Víctor Mayoral