Cuadernos de Malakoff

Cuadernos de Malakoff / Notebooks from Malakoff

Non-fiction , 2024

Galaxia Gutenberg

Pages: 120

"The victor imagined that naming a street in Paris Malakoff would forever recall their victory, while the vanquished hoped that, over time, it would only evoke a place in Crimea where something must have happened." - José María Ridao

The aphorisms included in these Notebooks, written in Paris and distilled during the years José María Ridao has spent in New Delhi, unfold a world-view marked by irony, halfway between rational evidence that contradicts beliefs forged by tradition and an almost poetic intuition that reveals new and surprising dimensions of reality. The most common ideas about philosophy, history, freedom, art, literature, journalism, or politics are revisited in a work that, despite the fragmentary nature demanded by the genre, maintains a constant rhythm and a suggestive unity of purpose.