La saga de los Marx

La saga de los Marx / The Marx Family Saga

Novel , 1993

Galaxia Gutenberg

Pages: 192

Surreal fiction from Juan Goytisolo, one of the Spanish greatest writers. A resurrected Karl and Jenny Marx sitting on their sofa in Hampstead watching a television documentary about the landing of Albanian refugees on a private Italian beach, flourishing photocopies of dollar bills in search of paradise Dallas. Find out how Karl reacts to the demise of the systems Josef Visionariovitch and Co. built on his word! Read all about the family life of the Marxes, moving upmarket from Dean Street to Highgate and beyond, yet never free of the hock shop. Marx visits scenes of former triumphs in Moscow, where MacLenin T-shirts and harmburger freedom are all the rage, and returns to a Hampstead housewarming reception and ball filmed by the cameras for a Merchant-Ivoryish Red Baroness-which subsequently becomes the subject of a Saturday-night talk show featuring a feminist sexologist from UCLA, an anarchist from the Spanish Civil Bar, Bakunin . . . 

"The Marx Family Saga is a surreal fantasy. . .Witty, clever and entertaining as well as provocative and insightful, The Marx Family Saga is a remarkable achievement." —Danny Yee, Danny Reviews