Perros que duermen

Perros que duermen / Sleeping Dogs

Novel , 2017

Alianza Editorial

Pages: 424

A gripping noir novel set in the cesspits of the Francoist police force.

1938. Dimas Prado, a young and ambitious Francoist, takes over the investigation of the double murder of a teenage prostitute and a madam in a house in Burgos. His plans do not involve catching the killer, a celebrated general on the Nationalist side, but to erase every trace of the crime, clues, and witnesses. 1946. Of that crime, buried like so many other outrages after the war, there is still one final loose end. Juan Delforo, a Republican hero awaiting execution in a Málaga jail, holds the key that would threaten the country’s maximum authority, Franco himself. However, that would mean compromising the woman he loves and his family’s future. 

This novel of intrigue paints an implacable picture of the dirty war that followed the end of hostilities. Stories of a demented general, a corrupt policeman and an attractive female spy come together in a grand dilemma: in his sacrifice, what should the hero put first? The ideals he’s fighting for, or the well-being of his loved ones?