Noticias felices en aviones de papel

Noticias felices en aviones de papel / Happy News on Paper Airplanes

Novel , 2014


Pages: 88

A delicious, tender and melancholy story that recalls the most world's most painful moments of the 20th century

Bruno is a solitary teenager who works as an apprentice in a bakery on the Plaza del Sol and lives with his mother in a modest rented flat on Congost Street, on the outskirts of the Gracia district.

As Barcelona undergoes a historical transformation in preparation for the Olympics, which will turn it into a renewed, modern city, Bruno tries to earn some extra money picking up newspapers on the streets. He does so at the request of Mrs. Pauli, the elderly Polish lady who lives upstairs and is actually a bit mad. She uses sheets of newspaper to make paper airplanes, which she flies out the window with happy messages to feed the dreams of the disadvantaged. However, all of her paper airplanes land aimlessly in the middle of Congost Street.

Bruno picks them up and returns them to the old lady, and realises that he can see what seems to be invisible to the adult eye: the misery, humiliation and traces of pain from the past that lurk among the city's forgotten shadows.