Novel , 2022

Alianza Lit

Pages: 216

On a random morning in an undetermined city in the north of the country  there are tourists, travelers, grandparents walking with their grandchildren, unemployed people "in the sun," workers, citizens of all kinds and ages. And suddenly the unnameable appears, the terror that is not immediately identified, but of which we have already accumulated too many direct and indirect experiences.A group of radical Islamists takes hostages in the Finis City theater.  The nameless violence is linked to the lives of the characters, their time is running out. In the face of horror, human dignity arises, beauty, the last gesture, the stories. And in all lives the recent history is present, the links with the past of migrations, escapes, exiles, disappointments, betrayals, fierce searches for meaning and also deep affections. 

A story that we have not yet read, born of the need to give voice to the residue of fear and despair that has shaken our certainties and that has its counterpart in the vitality of dignity and dedication, in the beauty and truth of literature, in narration as survival.