Alguien que anda por ahí

Alguien que anda por ahí / Someone Out There

Short stories and novellas , 1977


Pages: 160

This collection contains eleven stories. It opens with the disturbing melancholy of Cambio de luces (A Change of Light) and culminates with the police violence of La noche de Mantequilla (Mantequilla’s Night). It not only creates unrepeatable climates and situations, but also surprises the reader with stylistic feats such as Usted se tendió a tu lado (You Lay Down at Your Side), where the story is narrated simultaneously in two different registers. It also allows itself the luxury of rescuing a story written in the 1950s — La barca o nueva visita a Venecia (The Ferry, or Another Trip to Venice) — interspersed with comments that fill it with irony and infinite nuances.

Its publication was censored in Argentina by the military regime (1976 - 1983).