Juan Carlos d'Espagne

Juan Carlos d'Espagne / Juan Carlos de España

Non-fiction , 2013


Pages: 410

Laurence Debray analyses the historical keys to the monarch’s life from his childhood to his abdication in favour of his son King Felipe VI. And she makes it entertaining, letting it read like a novel. This is a no-holds-barred biography with no signs of deference, which highlights the brighter side without neglecting the shady areas. A thorough, objective and exact biography whose finishing touch is the author’s interview with King Juan Carlos and the then Prince Felipe shortly before the former’s abdication. 

Juan Carlos d'Espagne is the fruit of years of research around the figure of the king by French historian Laurence Debray. Years of delving through public and private archives and interviewing, apart from the monarch himself, politicians, journalists and figures from Spanish cultural and social life, close or not so close to the king's inner circle, which have resulted in a biography that also relates the recent history of Spain.