Donde uno cae

Donde uno cae / Where One Falls

Non-fiction , 2019


Pages: 1056

A journey with Lorenzo Silva through the events that have marked the second decade of the 21st century.

From the consequences of the global crisis to the entry of VOX into Congress and Trump's wall, ten years have passed. Ten years in which, week by week, Lorenzo Silva has taken a snippet of reality and turned it into literary fiction.

There are events that we all know: corruption cases, changes of government in the White House, the Catalan October 1st... but also stories that are not so recognizable, although equally attached to the reality of the time they portray: that of the elderly forced to retire, that of the speculator who sees how the tenants of his five flats stop paying him because of the crisis, that of the prostitute who watches on television as the guy who exploited her is arrested... Small stories and big stories about a world in constant change.