El mal de Corcira

El mal de Corcira / The Curse of Corfu

Novel , 2020


Pages: 544

The tenth novel in Lorenzo Silva's acclaimed crime series, with 2,000,000 readers and three film adaptations, takes us back to the years of terror in the Basque Country.

After a failed operation in which his most important accomplice, Sergeant Virginia Chamorro, is hospitalised with a bullet wound, Second Lieutenant Bevilacqua travels to Formentera, where a former ETA collaborator has been savagely murdered on a beach.

The identity of the victim will once again confront Bevilacqua with his past, the difficult years of the anti-terrorist fight in the Basque Country when the police force had to cope with an absolutely hostile, belligerent environment. Now, many years later, Bevilacqua returns on duty to Guipúzcoa, where the fratricidal war has ended but the embers of enmity and resentment are still burning.

"A wonderful popular novel that succeeds in interweaving the epic with an accurate and endearing lesser realism." Carlos Pardo, Babelia, El País

"Lorenzo Silva has achieved that elusive balance between the clean form of a crime story and consistency in the portrayal of a time and a world. [...] Silva is as thorough in his descriptions of the inner workings of the Civil Guard as Le Carré when he writes about British espionage... " Antonio Muñoz-Molina, Babelia, El País

"A history lesson. Lorenzo Silva has published the umpteenth adventure of his pair of civil guards, Bevilacqua and Chamorro, and in this one he has given the former character an ageing quality that, in addition to evoking the world of John Ford, confronts us with a number of our contemporary demons. " Carles Francino, El Periódico