La estrategia del agua

La estrategia del agua / The Water Strategy

Novel , 2010


Pages: 384

Series Bevilacqua & Chamorro, Nr. 6

In this exciting new detective novel by Lorenzo Silva we meet the now famous investigator from the Bevilacqua Guardia Civil (more incisive and ingenious than ever in his comments and attitude) and his colleague Virginia Chamorro, along with a new character, Arnau, a young man they have to train. Together they will face a case whose ramifications go beyond the marital disagreements that end in a genuinely bitter fight to destroy a spouse and gain custody of the children, and to the world of drugs and trafficking, via the murky schemings of the highest representatives of justice. After the appearance of a body in a lift, murdered, according to police reports, by professional hit men, a meticulous investigation begins whose main suspect is the victim’s ex wife, a woman with no scruples.