La Innombrable (con Noemí Trujillo)

La Innombrable (con Noemí Trujillo) / The Unnamable (with Noemí Trujillo)

Novel , 2024


Pages: 328

The new case in the successful series featuring inspector Manuela Mauri. With over 100,000 readers, this combative and literary crime novel explores the links between prostitution and gender violence while also focusing on the personal and intimate side of an inspector who must take better care of her small family if she doesn't want to risk losing them.

As summer holiday approaches, homicide inspector Manuela Mauri is not at her best. She has recently experienced several events that have made her realize there are feelings and experiences that cannot be put into words, and things that are impossible to name. She feels it when her sons, Manuel and David, tell her about the sudden death of their father (her ex-husband), and she can't find a way to console them. She senses it when she sees Susana's parents, a sixteen-year-old girl who was working as a prostitute and died of an overdose, demanding justice for their daughter in the Lesly Operation trial, and the inspector is sure that, whatever the verdict, nothing will repair such a loss. She deduces it when she faces the gaze of Belén, who has just lost her sister Rebeca to the stabbings inflicted by her former partner. She assimilates it when her own colleague, Alberto, makes the most important proposition of their relationship, and she doesn't know how to respond.

"Manuela Mauri is one of those characters that any crime novelist would have liked to create: perfectly imperfect." César Pérez Gellida

"Four hands can make a good duo, and from a good duo can come an excellent novel, as this one is. Interesting and enjoyable, it is read with pleasure until the end." Alicia Giménez Bartlett